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An interview with MaBolton..

In a local café Ma Bolton, Kate to all who know her, answers some questions to start her first blog.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

That’s a really good question. Hard to answer though. I guess they come from my surroundings.

Can you be more specific? Can you tell me about one of your creations that you are proud of, what inspired you to create it?

OK. A year ago I created a gluten free pizza. I was at a rugby match, watching my eldest play. To keep the players and spectators fed the hosting team had organised hot food stalls. I was in my element! The one that caught my eye though was the home made pizza van. I have a dream one day to do something similar but the food that caught my attention was the mouth watering smell from the freshly cooking pizzas and the fact that I could not have one.

So is that an allergy or an intolerance that stops you from eating gluten?

I’m intolerant, I can eat small amounts of gluten containing grains but certainly not a whole pizza! I was inspired. Partly by the smells and look of freshly made pizza but also to try and meet a need that others would have too. It can’t just be me standing there who would want a pizza but couldn’t , wether by choice or by allergy there is an increasing amount of people who are avoiding gluten.

I wanted to go straight home and start as soon as possible.They needed to be soft and flexible, not the gummy supermarket versions that are on offer today.

So how do you go about creating something like that?

It’s using science really. What grains and flours will I need and how will I add enough protein structure to keep the moistness within the mixture. What flavours will the dough need to make it taste good before the toppings are added.

And then how would I produce the pizza from a very wet dough. So that’s when the palette knife came out and I started to create a paste that was spread out over a non stick oven proof sheet. It needed to be wet to get a good crumb structure.

So how many attempts did it take to get right?

Several. And to get them tested for taste and structure my family were the Guineas pigs. Lots of tomato, cheese and spicy sausage pizzas came out of my oven that weekend as I perfected the recipe.

What was your first topping for the successful pizza?

Ha, as quirky as possible. I’d just been given a great book, Hugh FW’s three good ingredients. I was itching to try one of his pizza topping recipes and so it was puréed chestnuts, caramelised onions and Kale. I wanted it to be non traditional and so that was my inspiration. It also meant that it could be vegan as many of my customers are looking for both gluten free and vegan options.

So, my inspirations come from what is around me. This could be the seasons, different flavours and often conversations with other food producers. Another source could be what’s left in the cupboard or fridge. I can’t stand waste so often a brand new recipe will come out from what’s left over from the preparation for a market event or food show stall.

So, if that’s an inspiration, what would you say are your three most important ingredients in your cupboard?

My gluten free pastry mix. It’s versatile. That’s a really hard question, there are so many ingredients that are important to me.

Eggs would be next. Leavening and binding. Getting a rise. Lemons for brightening and flavour. They bring the right amount of freshness and acid when your making a recipe.

So what would you make with those three ingredients, say your favourite chef is coming for Sunday tea?

I’d need butter, so I’m cheating. I guess I’m allowed too though, even H FW in his book had three ingredients that were the main part of the recipe. So if my choices were my main ingredients then it would be a French classic, tart au citron.

So, recipe of the month. Is it going to be your Sunday tea surprise or the gluten free pizza?

Recipe of the month.

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