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Gluten free & Dairy free Sweet Scones

Gluten free and Dairy Free Sweet Scone Recipe(n.b requires an egg)

225g ma Bolton Green mix savoury pastry

1tsp cream of tartar

1/2tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

60g dairy free spread

30g caster sugar

30g mixed fruit

1 egg in a measuring jug, make upto 150ml with soya milk

1tsp Cider Vinegar/white wine cider.

Add raising agents to flour, rub in dairy free spread. Stir in sugar and mixed fruit.

Break egg into measuring cup and make up to 150 ml with soya milk. Add 1tsp vinegar to the milk mixture it will curdle.

Stir wet ingredients into dry it will be a soft sticky dough this is fine and how it is supposed to be.

Turn out dough onto a lightly floured pastry mat. Do not roll out with a rolling pin you will end up with solid citizens. Pat dough out with floured hands and turn 1/4 clockwise a couple of times. The thickness of dough needs to be just a little lower than the height you wish the final bake to be as these do not rise as much as wheat dough.

Brush the tops with milk and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar.

Bake gas 7 for 10 mins. Enjoy

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