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Vegan gluten free Scone recipe

Here is the tried and tested recipe for gluten free Vegan Scones. After several experiments, adjustments and lots of tastings these are good to go and remain moist the next day which is always a bonus.

You will need:

1 Packet of Ma Bolton’s Vegan Pastry Blend*stockists:

2tsp g/f baking powder, 30g sugar, 100g Coconut oil, 50g mashed banana,

1½tbls soya lecithin granules* placed in 1½tbls of warm water, soya milk made upto

200ml when added to lecithin mix, 1tsp Cider vinegar, 35g mixed fruit.

* Baytree health shop ( Ferndown, Christchurch), Discount health stores( winton, poole dolphin centre, westbourne) Gulliver’s farm shop, station rd West Moors.) or direct from me.

*If you do not wish to use soya lecithin then you can try sunflower lecithin granules.


  1. Empty Vegan Pastry Blend into a Bowl and add the baking powder. Rub in the solid Coconut oil with your fingers until all flour coated/ breadcrumb consistency.

2. Add the sugar and stir in.

3.Place soya lecithin granules in a measuring jug add 1½tbls of water and make upto 200ml with dairy free milk. Add the tsp of vinegar to the milk mixture.

4. Mash the banana and add this to your wet ingredients.

5. Add your dried fruit to the dry ingredients and incorporate. Then add your wet ingredients to your dry.

6. Stir together you wil have a wet sticky dough.

7. Tip out onto a well floured pastry mat.

8. With well floured hands shape dough gently and pat out to just below the desired thickness you want your final scone to be as the rise is is less with these. Don’t roll out or press hard you do not want solid citizens.

9. Cut out with well floured 2 ¼ cutter straight down no twisting. I lift the dough still in cutter and shake out onto a greased baking tray. Brush the tops with dairy free milk and sprinkle a pinch of caster sugar on top.

10. Bake for 10-12 mins at Gas mark 7 /220°c.

Serve with your favourite jam and Coconut Cream for an exotic tasting cream tea. Yum

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