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Helpful hints and tips to creating great pastry

If you have my award winning gluten free flour mix here are some helpful hints…

The volume of water you add, depends on the amount of and type of fat you are using. For butter stick to the pack instructions. If however your pastry is being made with dairy free soya spread or sunflower spread then reduce your water content to 50-60 ml. These fats have a higher water content than butter so less is needed.

Your dough will be wet and sticky on completion of mixing. This is normal.


Wrap in cling film and rest in the fridge for 30 mins. After this time the dough will have soaked up the extra liquid and be ready to roll.

Try not to heavily flour your pastry mat/ worktop add very small amounts as needed and turn your pastry 1/4 turn frequently.

You can make great crisp pastry using half Soya spread half Lard. Yes Lard is dairy free. If you do not wish to use Lard you can substitute with Trex.. These two help to strengthen the dough when rolling out as following resting in the fridge it will firm up. You only want half the fat in these as they don’t produce the flavour you want which the soya spread will provide. Pure spread alone will make a softer dough but still manageable.

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