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Ma Bolton started making gluten free and dairy free foods about 9 years ago. My children at that time were intolerant of dairy and I found myself unable to tolerate wheat. The free from food available to purchase was bland and unappetising, as a total foodie my enjoyment in food had been taken away. Experimentation began, friends and work collegues became my taster and guinea pigs. The feedback was positive and I was encouraged to bake for others.

I love taking good quality fresh ingredients and turning them into something you want to sing through. If I can make them a healthier version of the original but maintain good flavour then I am a happy woman. Most of my cakes contain various vegetables and people are suprised to find they do not contain butter, oil or margarine but remain moist and tasty.

Gluten free food should be great, a 'flavour adventure' not something you should settle for as a poor substitute.

July 2017

I have just won a taste award for my gluten free pastry mix. This is really important to me and people who need or want to eat gluten free baked goods. Taste awards are not given out for pastry, certainly not gluten free pastry. If you are interested in using or stocking my pastry mix please get in touch with me, see me at one of my stalls https://www.mabolton.co.uk/out-and-about  or visit my online shop https://www.mabolton.co.uk/shop to purchase this directly from me.